Odd Things Happen

That can't always be explained...

White Rabbit
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Hm... how to describe this. Well, if you're even looking at this community, then you must already know what the Wiccan religion is. But to join, there are things you have to qualify for. You have to actually BE Wiccan, first off, obviously, and the second thing is, you have to have a little more than just normal Wiccan belief. If you want to join, I'll let you, but after that, you need to post an entry of the oddest thing that has happened to you after becoming Wiccan (or before, it doesn't really matter, but it has to have something to do with Spirituality in some sense). If the story isn't... believable, per se, I'll simply kick you off, no questions asked. This journal is to swap stories of supernatural/otherworldly experiences. Have fun! ^^