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17 July 2005 @ 08:53 pm
Second update  
Wonderful, idea, Alina. Brilliant.

There's many places to begin this tale. The question is where is best?

I believe the best place is very shortly after entering high school. Being one of the only eighth graders not leaving the city I was, needless to say, frightened. And freshman orientation didn't help, lemme tell ya. There was only one person I knew who had my same lunch. Unfortunely for me, he was the person who I had nicknamed "Potty Monster". That should be enough indicator for his stand on my scales. The fact that I gave him a nickname at all means that I had quite the liking to him. As a friend, mind you, Potty Monster was not my kind of dating material.

What with the workload and fitting in and such, I was quite...lonely. Ever since I have been living in this area, I have not been...a part of my family. Or not as I used to anyhow. There had always been something about my room. Something...familiar and waiting. Something such...as I was really quite attracted to. On weekends I would spend countless hours in my room, for no apparent reason. My parents would tell me to "come out of my cave" and I would, but only when I had to. At the time, I didn't stop to think that making up reasons to be in my room was...uncommon.

Still shortly into my freshman year, one of my dear friends, Hannah, declared to me that she was Wiccan. I, of course, being the ever-interested one, asked her all about it. Of course, I was intrigued. And also "of course" were my Christian parents. That put the hugest damper in the world on my expansion of Wiccan knowledge. For once in my life I had an unstoppable desire to learn more about something I didn't know. Something that I could base morals and a way of life on. But of course let us not forget. Parents.

So, not being able to so much as open a book towards my newfound love, I swamped myself and I mean absolutely DROWNED myself in "God's loving embrace". *retches* I was livid if anyone did or said anything REMOTELY sacriligious. Obviously I broke from that.

A year went by. Hannah was in high school with me, along with another of my middle school pals, Rosie. I introduced them to my "sister". Lindsey. My first ever boyfriend's little sister. Who was my age. And we were mind-linked. No joke. Anyhow, Rosie and Lindsey became quick and fast friends. Then some shit occured, which will not be explained here. Hannah, Lindsey, Rosie, and I were quite the close-knit group. With our tensions because of aforementioned shit. Which made Rosie a little cut out. Not the point. And after all this, my room was still my favorite place. I could always be comfortable. As if someone was watching me.

One night, date unknown, Hannah came over to my house to stay for the weekend. It was helluva fun. Remembering her religious declaration, I asked her about it. She started to explain to me many things that I was absolutely fascinated with. As per expected with me. Hannah introduced me into the world that I had hoped to join, but was forced to block because of my living arrangements. She taught me everything I know about Wiccanism. I found out that night that my elements were water and air.

That night, we were reading in my bed, me her book on Wiccanism that she'd brought and I don't remember what she was reading. My window was open just above my head. Hannah had told me that when she first discovered Benjamin, whenever she reached through him or brushed against him, she felt cold air. As I was reading, my right arm [the one closer to the window] was getting a little chilly. Me being suspicious, I waved my left hand beside my right hand. Cool. I told Hannah about this discovery. She also reached around me and waved her arm beside mine. We both thought the same thing. Spirit? I then proceded to look up and notice that my window was open. But...in an area where cold could not have easily draped through my window...it was also cold.

The humanoid presense, the watching and the touching that I'd felt for the longest time. It made sense. I had only determined it to be "humanoid...ish...kinda...I think..." only months before. I could always feel it watching me. As if...waiting for the perfect time...for something. We had yet to decide whether or not it was good or bad.

As we were trying to fall asleep, the most terrifying thing happened. Shadows started swirling on my ceiling and my wall. There was an especially dark area near the middle of my room, closer to the door than to the bed. Was...this the spirit's doing? He seemed to be having something do to with it. Both scared, we put up our protective barriers. Hannah's being more...contant...than mine and us knowing the spirit was more interested with me, she put her pentagram around my neck for the night to protect me better from this...creep. After a while, we fell asleep.

Sometime during the night, I woke up and was horrified. It broke through Hannah's barrier. And had it's face practically up against mine. With only minor difficulty, perhaps because of shock or some such, I was able to fall back asleep.

Next morning, creepoid was no longer burying his face into mine and I woke Hannah up. I then proceded to tell her what happened while she was asleep. We called her friend Bunny and tried to accurately recreate the scene that I had witnessed. We went to Powell's bookstore the next day and we found a decent Wiccan learner's book amidst the crappy and untrue ones. And once again, that night, I was in my room, scared to death, because of my little spirit friend.

Hannah and I made a ouiji..."board"...and started to communicate with said spirit. We actually learned quite the tale from him and found out that he wasn't such a bad guy after all. His name was J.R. [we still don't know if it stands for something and if it does, what] and he had, mystifyingly enough, been in love with me in my most current past life. Now that doesn't sound familiar to any of you who read Alina's journal, does it?

The web of a story we learned from J.R. and later Benjamin is for another time...this was, after all, quite the long explanation.

Another story for another time, no?
Juno Neireid Rhiz-Ku AKA Maiya
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Taka-chan: tee-heetenshi_akai on July 18th, 2005 05:49 pm (UTC)
^^ Love the pentagram Maiya-chan, it's awesome. I need to get one for my actual journal. How do you like the set up I did here? Pretty neat?

<3 Hannah
koneko_tsuyaku on July 19th, 2005 04:45 pm (UTC)
Indeed my sister from a different...lifetime?

x.X Ugh, that was terrible.
Taka-chan: tee-heetenshi_akai on July 20th, 2005 07:51 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Just a little. ^^

<3 Gale