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20 September 2005 @ 06:13 am
So yesterday I told Sunsariay that I could see ghosts. [Twas brought up by camels-know-what.] She was [I think] weirded out, but acted fascinated. You know Sunsariay, she seems like she's acting to be nice, but at the same time, you know that she's really serious.

Of course, I got the ever-so-famous "Really?" and "Ohh! Is there one in here now?" Me being me, I looked and then double checked [via temp test] and indeed there was a ghost there. In front of me. They seem to do that alot. It was a small spirit, probably a kid.

That now gets me to thinking...has Stokes mentioned the Drama ghost yet? 'Cause many people swear there is one. Strange things happen sometimes. And now I'm wondering...Hmm. Something to think about, no? Unfortunely, I didn't talk to le spirit 'cause I was doing a project so alas, I didn't ask.

Well, that's about all I really have to say....yep.
Current Mood: sleepyTee-red