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23 July 2005 @ 12:57 pm
Spritual experience!  

This might be long i'm not sure but i do blab a lot so I'm putting my little story under the lj cut.

I was told by my mother that her grandmother, my great grandmother Helen had some 'premonition' going. I'm not talking about she'd touch something and she'd see it. She just knew about it.Great great grandmother Helen just knew. Well a few months ago I had an encounter with an angel spirit whatever you want to call it. I was sleeping trying to go to sleep actually for work when I began driftin i felt something behind me. It was just a feeling so i opened my eyes and looked at my wall and saw that some of it was blue like in a round shape...this is a house i just moved to five years ago and crazy crud as happend in it but I never grasped the concept really.

But newho the former owner of the house glossed the walls becasue well the lady was a clean freak from what mom tells me and and the former owner would wash the walls *laughs* so the light from the reflection hit the wall. It was a very pretty blue color. The image on the wall being reflected was round of course and the outer part of it was blue but as it went in it was a lighter blue then white. I hope that made sense.

And of course i thought i had rolled on to my dvd remote at the time because i have a habbit of sleeping on my remotes so i searched for it, the glow was still there so i sat up when i couldn't find it so i looked over  and the glowing was gone and my dvd wasn't on. I turned on the ceiling fan light and saw that the remote was clearly on the floor away from me or things that would accidently turn it on.

I wasn't scared at that point just confused. Well after that night a following night i woke up at 5am to start to get ready for work and it was still dark out and i always, always sleep with my window blinds closed. Well I got up went to reach for my little lamp so I wound't trip over my mess of cloths and saw white light flash behind me. I felt warm around my face and it was still there so i turend around and nothing. I didn't bother to tell my mom about it because well she would just say that it was nothing...I told my friend Lexi about it and she said it could have been an angel visiting and letting me know that someone is watching or thinking of me since i was pretty much going through a hard phase at that time of my life.

The Cat!
This is a mini story i have excitedly told people even if they didn't believe me but i have a black cat with browns and whites in her fur. But often i see a black cat all black in my room and every where else and my younger sister has seen it to. Why she doesn't acknowlege it is beyond me but this cat likes to jump on my bed...of course I'm not on it. I usually see it when I'm feet away. its more like a shawdowed outline of it I guess and it jumps on stuff. When i saw it the first time it was out of the corner of my eye but when my sister brought up seeing black cat, I wondered why it was in the house. I began to realise either this was a clever cat somehow getting into our house with out the other 3 cats knowing about it or it was us going crazy or this was a dead cat in our house giving us something to ponder about.

I always thought it was my cat running around quickly and just seeing the majority of her being black but it wasn't. I relised that the black cat we were seeing wasn't alive because one day i was getting out of the shower and i caught a glimpse of it in the bathroom and quicky it vanished. I'm half naked screaming and running into my room with a towel of course and my mom wide eyed. (I'm not a good morning person). and of course she tells me its nothing but my imagination but now that i reliase i can see somethings I don't turn my head away from it and go screaming. I know i have to see somethings for some reason so hopefully now that know this maybe the cat will stay for a longer period of time.

Current Mood: calmcalm
Taka-chan: dancing bunnytenshi_akai on July 23rd, 2005 06:39 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Poor Nicole. Did the kitty frighten you? *teases* Did you consider that that blue light you saw could have come from your Spirit Guardian? That's a pretty logical explanation.

<3 Hannah
Nicolelive_bomb on July 23rd, 2005 06:40 pm (UTC)
Yeah I pondered that often and came to the conclusion that it has to be. And i have another little story from when i was younger I think it as my guardin angel there too.