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17 July 2005 @ 03:35 pm
First Entry  
I decided since I created this journal, I might as well be the one to post the first entry to set a good example of what a strange occurence would be, or, really, anything like this. It's the first real encounter with, not only a spirit, but anything spiritual at all. I've always believed in spirits, because weird things have always happened around me, such as, say, lights turning on randomly with no one around to turn them on or balloons suddenly moving when no one touched them and there was no wind, but those weren't actually encounters. I decided to lj cut it though... 'cause it's long...

It was a little over a year ago. I had been Wiccan for... about 3 months. I was left home alone a lot because of my brother's baseball and my dad's softball. One evening when I was alone, I was downstairs (we live in a townhouse) watching t.v., when I heard footsteps upstairs in my room. I panicked because I had left my screenless window open, and even though my room is on the second floor, it's not impossible to get up through the window. I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and checked the entire house to find nothing, so I went back to my cartoons (^^) still feeling... uneasy.

Then I heard my bedroom door close, and I'm not talking about a "window-slamming" close, I mean a "turn-the-handle" close. Still, I just brushed it off. Until I heard it open again. So, at that point, I was freaked, dead sure it was a spirit, and it didn't feel... friendly, per se. I had no idea what to do, having no experience with something like that before, so I called out, "You AREN'T welcome! Leave!" or something along the lines of that.

I was still downstairs, sitting beside my couch, and then I heard footsteps walking out of my room and towards the stairs. I was overwhelmed with fear, at that point, as whatever it was started walking down the stairs, and I wondered what I would see. But right before it would have come into view, it went back upstairs, and back to my room. I was terrified and called my boyfriend at the time, who put me in contact with his friend Scott, who was also Wiccan. I told Scott what had happened, and listened to his advice.

Scott started off by telling me that it was stupid of me to yell at a spirit, especially if it was an unfriendly one like we were both sure it was at that point. He asked me if I had a pentagram on, and I told him I did, so he told me to take it off. I was confused, because, I mean, pentagrams are for protection. I asked him, and he said, "The pentagram will only draw it toward you. You need to remove it. Oh, and do you have crosses?" I told him I did because I used to be Catholic, and he told me to place them around my bed to ward off the spirit. I was... completely baffled, I mean, it was against everything I stood for, right? But, as a novice witch, I obeyed.

That night I had a dream. I was in high school (I was only just out of middle school) and I had this older boy following me around. He was cute, with dark brown hair and light brown eyes, and it was really obvious that he liked me. He told me what his name was, but I couldn't remember it when I woke up, but I did remember in the dream thinking, 'Hey, I he has the same name as my baby brother.'

The next evening I was left alone again. I was downstairs, when I heard the keyboard in my room playing. At that point, I was freaked all over again, so I went and called my friend Danielle, who had been Wiccan her whole life. She listened to everything that had happened (minus the dream because I didn't think it was significant) and told me never to listen to Scott again because he was nothing but an idiot. She told me to go up to my room, and I did, though I was scared, to find out that my keyboard was unplugged. Now, Danny has never been to my house, and has especially never been in my room. But when I asked her where the spirit was, she told me, "You know that space in the middle of your altar, bookcase, and chair where you can stand? He's there." That's when I learned Danny was psychic. ^^;;

She told me that this spirit was male, who had been in love with me in my most recent past life as a girl named Alina. She said she couldn't quite place his name, something like Jonathan or Benjamin. Then I remembered my dream, and I told her, "His name's Benjamin." She asked me how I knew, and I told her, "Because he came to me in my dream last night and told me what his name was and I remember thinking 'Oh, he has the same last name as my baby brother' and my baby brother's name is Benjamin."

So... yeah. The whole story is actually a lot longer than that, but... you'll hear more about it sooner or later, I'm sure. ^^ I need to go. Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again.

<3 Gale Jasmine Kina/Alina/Hannah
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Xavier Raven: Avenging Angelxavier_raven on July 19th, 2005 09:16 pm (UTC)
Oh so you changed your wiccan name to that? Pretty. *smiles.*